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Once again a difficult task of allocating players is complete.  Please remember that your player allocation is only a REQUEST and depends on many factors and  the number of players permitted per team  especially in Miniroo age groups. Please note that these team lists are accurate at the time of uploading 21 March and may change where there are vacancies in teams. 

Some teams in the smaller age groups have requested to have extra players to what the guidelines indicate. This has been approved by the Association on the understanding they follow the rules of maximum players allowed on the field. Having extra players per team results in less game time per player. Maximum players in 5s,6s,7s is 7 players per team.

It has also been necessary to combine some teams together and where numbers have allowed we have grouped players together from last season as much as possible. Please note that teams are final and to move a player is at times impossible. If you child decides not to play please let us know as we have a waiting list of players eager to play. Teams maybe changed at the discretion of the committee if there has been a mistake on our behalf.

If your team has a coach or teamleader they will call you to advise when training will commence.

Shirts will be given to coaches. Shorts and socks for new under 5, 6s were to be included with the coaches kit, however due to circumstances out of our control they will not arrive until late next week. We will advise how these will be distributed when determined. If you require to purchase extra socks $12.00 and shorts $15.00 the canteen building behind the main clubhouse will be open Wednesday 21 April, Thursday 22 April and Friday 23 April from 4.30pm-5.30pm. Cash Only.

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