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Welcome to the wonderful fulfilling role of being a football coach.  There is nothing better than watching our young players learn to play our fantastic game.


The role is daunting one so we aim to provide you with the resources to make the experience a worthwhile one that allows you and your team to have a great season.

Football Federation Australia Coaching Resources



The FFA has put together a website that provides structured resources based around the coaching curriculum that takes players and coaches through the development phases from 'Discovery' through 'Skill Acquisition' to 'Game Training and finally the 'Performance Phase'.  The website sets out suggested training session plans that take you through a season.

AiA MiniRoos

AiA MiniRoos is the new name for the Small Sided Football development program that covers players from 4 - 11 years.  More information about this program

can be found at the following link:



National Playing Rules and Formats U5 - U11

The attached document outlines the rules and playing formats for each age group from U6 - U11 please download this document and understand the rules for your relevant age group.  The U5 coaches should encourage each of the periods to understand the rules and have a go at being a Game Leader during the season;

If you require assistance with the coaching adventure please contact either:

Rosemary Bargwanna

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